THE ONE’s Exclusive Choices

With THE ONE You Have Choices

As a client of THE ONE, you will be able to select from one or more of our service locations, listed here:

With corporate office located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we cover California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Texas, and the Metro cities of Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Manhattan & Rye.

THE ONE offers ?Pro-active Search Packages? to search within your current city of residence, or anywhere in the United States.

Because of our multiple databases, we have match many great couples together, living in different states.  One of the pair was more than willig to make a move as part of there criteria and preferences, and the outcome has always been a successful relationship!!!

Our services are designed to best accommodate your inner most needs, while considering your current and future plans, goals and desires.  We have the technology and expertise in place to work successfully on your behalf and find you ? THE Right ONE: a relationship for life!

We have the experience, the knowledge, and a FLAWLESS REPUTATION with the offering of unparalleled resources to find you ? THE Right ONE ?? 

If you are a quality single and serious about finding love, we would love to be your catalyst for success.

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THE ONE Commitment

THE ONE gives you SERVICES, TECHNOLOGY, PROCESS and SOCIAL SAVVY, all set up to bring you a Wonderful, Lasting RELATIONSHIP for LIFE!

It is our intention to find you someone with whom you can build a rewarding and healthy relationship. With this goal in mind, we will provide you with introductions to people who we believe are incredibly right for you. We are fully committed to providing discrete, confidential, and individualized service to help you find your most desirable and compatible LIFE PARTNER!

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