THE ONE Process

Because match making is a science…

THE ONE?s process will not only successfully find you THE ONE, but will find you THE Right ONE.

Margot knows that the old-school approach of listening and asking questions to get to the heart of each person just doesn?t cut it, but getting to know each and every client implicitly certainly does!  She has proof of this with hundreds of permanent, happy, marriages and relationships to her credit!  Her proprietary PhD. Relational Analysis, fortified with high technology, and one-on-one service, caters to a limited select group of clientele with her Truly Exclusive Services.


Personal Profiling

In order to find your perfect match, we will need to get to know you better. We will want to gather as much information as we can about your values, beliefs, likes, dislikes, and much more.
We will have already created a preliminary profile during our phone interview, which has given us a foundation for understanding your personality. This profile will be e-mailed to you to complete and return to us with an attached current photo. We will then import your profile into our search criteria database. Margot personally reviews your profile with you in a private phone session, to clarify your desires and make additions or changes. This session is followed by you filling out a relationship questionnaire and setting up a one hour phone appointment with Margot to go over your precise desires in a mate for your ultimate relationship success.
You do want to attract THE Right ONE , don?t you ?


Persona Analysis

Next, you will complete our exclusive Relationship Persona Analysis, which is similar in function to the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It is a quick but very informative method for obtaining information about your true relationship personality traits, which affect your romantic relationships. Your analysis scores are computed and the results come up in the eight categories listed below. Every individual has the need for a mate who possesses complimentary characteristics in these areas. Once your results are calculated, we will add this information to your database profile and it will become another facet we utilize to match your feelings, beliefs, and actions with a potential mate.
  • Class and Cultural Beliefs
  • Conformity and Where You Fit Into Society
  • Religious Beliefs and How Strongly You Feel About Them
  • Finances and the Handling of Money
  • Leadership, Ego and Where you Stand with Respect to Authority
  • Temperament and Affection; How You Deal with Your Feelings
  • Style and Creativity vs. Form and Function
  • Sociability and Your Style of Socializing
We will always make a match for you whenever possible. If we were to find a person whose traits were incompatible with yours in one or two particular areas, we would inform you of the differences, and allow you to decide whether to pursue the match.


Coach Counseling

Margot?s personal guide coaching is an integral part of your experience with THE ONE. Through her coach-counseling guidance, Margot learns about your innermost desires, needs, and the type of partner who fits your criteria. Her many certifications in relational coaching and life change methods are a key factor to get you to the exact type of person with whom you can have a meaningful, long-term relationship.
Margot?s clients, many of whom are top executives and successful professionals, find that using those services helps them create the type of interactions that help them obtain the kind of relationship they really want.
If it?s a deep and lasting relationship you seek, then Margot is THE ONE to help you find THE Right ONE.



Margot?s exclusive ? iChemistry? is a perfect interactive formula to get to know all of your choices in the Looks department? Another part of her exclusive services at ?THE ONE?
As an Anthropology Junkie, Margot knows that the elated feelings of LOVE is just dopamine, norepinephrine, and phenylalanine releasing?and that ?The human body releases a rapturous cocktail of love when certain conditions are met ??
It is more readily produced by men than women, because they are more visual by nature.? She says that with out the role of a few hormones at play, we may never venture out into that ?REAL LOVE? arena.
But when we are open for a relationship and deciding on meeting with someone new, both sexes have visual preferences? that must be met!
? iChemistry? offers the perfect formula and interactive way to get to know all of your choices in the Looks department- as part of her exclusive services at THE ONE?

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