New Beginnings

Because we all have a history!

Having book and business smarts doesn?t guarantee you the upper echelon of emotional factors!  Margot?s profound coaching helps to build emotional intelligence with the most intelligent individuals on this planet, and this letting go of the past is like a natural phenomenon!


Clearing a path for your wonderful new relationship

The art of moving BEYOND relationships of the past can be difficult at best, kind of like the New York Times crossword puzzle: it?s tricky, challenging and complicated, and you never really know if you?ve got the right answer.
Because this step is crucial to your attracting a new and different type of person, Margot has developed a tried and true Life Change Relational Coaching program. Sessions are conducted via telephone. They start with an intake session where she gathers the stories behind your relationships, then sends you assorted, personalized tools and analyses (this session can be conducted in person if you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area). The process is remarkable and profound and, while light of heart and soothing, is instrumental to the process of letting go of all your limiting relational experiences.


Certified relational Coach-counselor

Margot has many wonderful tools from her numerous certifications in life-change methodologies: NLP is the catalyst; additional methods include Psych-K, EFT, and the Sedona Method. Each session is a building block for life change, and will prove useful when life throws you a curve ball.
Each step involves finding out and focusing in on what you truly want from your next relationship. Many of her clients come with a conceptual framework for their next relationship, but find they actually want different outcomes and have different needs than they originally thought.
Margot?s program will assist you in erasing your past hurts, resentments and fears that may be unconsciously affecting your present relationships. These same feelings keep you from progressing to the relationship you dream of having. Margot will instruct you in the process of replacing them with new, unlimited thoughts ? which is truly ?THE SECRET.?



When you let go, you make room for much better things to come. You will learn about your personality type and the tendencies you have that are habitually holding you back, often in several areas of your life. Through an Enneagram type of analysis, and her exclusive Relational Persona Analysis, she will help you change the limiting beliefs which have dictated your past, unsuccessful relationships.
Margot also offers you a personalized guide, based on facts and insights derived from your session, with which to judge your new potential mate.
Make this next relationship THE ONE . . .?Contact Margot for a personal coaching interview and to discuss your next step towards the relationship of your dreams. ?Contact Margot to discuss a personal coaching interview, and your next step towards the relationship of your dreams.

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