THE ONE Offers the Accelerated Edge!

THE ONE conducts highly targeted searches, extending beyond your given social groups, activities, clubs and business venues. THE ONE is connected, reaching out to a network of educated, professional, and elite singles, retaining fresh new candidates on a daily basis.


THE ONE Technology

Having been developed by a database scientist, THE ONE?s elaborate resource database of exceptional men and women is state of the art. THE ONE utilizes this exclusive search database to perform criteria-targeted searches that bring forth a resource of people whose values, desires and characteristics are in alignment with yours. Margot herself conducts, performs and completes each and every search. Her PHD formulated persona analysis is used as an assessment tool that works along with the sorting capabilities of the database.


THE ONE Premium Level of Executive and Specialized Services

THE ONE prides itself on delivering a high level of personalized service that you will not find elsewhere. Margot insists on providing personal one-on-one attention to her clients, interviewing and matching every client herself.
Using an extensive pallet of assessment and evaluation tools, Margot works intimately with you to explore your values, expectations, and desires. In addition, she uses her relational coaching skills to offer guidance and insights unsurpassed by any other matchmaker or service in the industry. She offers these skills as a part of her services and encourages clients to take advantage of them because they often prove crucial to success in getting involved with the right partner.
After thoroughly exploring your wants, needs and desires, Margot works closely with her many exclusive scouts, briefing them, so they can strategically search and network to find you the types of individuals you desire to meet.

Because finding love IS an art!


THE ONE Clientele

Busy professionals and high profile individuals don?t have time to wade through scores of people online with whom they might share little compatibility, nor do they want to invest in a dating or matchmaking service that can only offer the resources of a limited client base. THE ONE has spent years researching the best methods of garnering the right type of clientele and servicing them in an organized, systematic, and proactive manner. THE ONE serves unique men and women who are accomplished, sophisticated and educated people requiring an effective service that will open a new door to their personal fulfillment.


THE ONE Commitment

We are committed to providing discrete, confidential, and individualized service to help you find your most desirable and compatible potential mate. It is our intention to find someone for you with whom you can build a foundation for a healthy relationship. With this goal in mind, we will provide you with introductions to people who we believe are incredibly right for you.

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