Meet THE ONE Founder

Margot Chavellier founder of THE ONE Premiere Matchmaking Service and Relationship Coach-Counselor

Margot's HEART ART-F

Margot works with truly intelligent individuals, who know it takes more than intuition, questions, and listening to get to the heart of a person, and find them lasting love. With this in mind, Margot has developed and contracted with experts in the field of human relations to create her unique methods.   To ensure the highest customer satisfaction, Margot implemented her own proprietary database, a visual preference tool called iChemistry?, and her exclusive Relational Persona Analysis?.  She combines these tools with her own extensive experience as a Relational Coach-counselor. Her high caliber scouting network, perform constant searches through their private social affairs, to keep a flow of new up-scale single executives, and potential new matches in THE ONE?s database.  This makes for a promising place in which to match her clientele.

THE ONE Scouting network covers the Western States.  She and her scouts cover California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Texas.


The Personal side of Margot 

#3Chef_FINAL2As a child Margot resided in the Brentwood and Pacific Palisades/Santa Monica area with a family of Artists and one sister, a Top LA Model.  Living amongst the Acting Community, Margot?s childhood included friendships with Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Dick Martin, and several other childhood actors, more her age, one of whom she has married to her executive husband in the San Francisco bay area.  She is very connected in Hollywood where she worked for Universal Studios and John Robert Powers Modeling Agency and was the top sketch model for Bullocks Sunday fashion ads for over 3 years while working at Powers, as a teenager.

Although she grew up with the STAR set, she is camera shy, not out to be a famous matchmaker or succumb to any of the publicity stunts the other Matchmakers tend to pull to get attention.  Integrity is more important than publicity, and this allows her to serve her loyal clients better.  She is truly discerning and is set in her ethics and practices to remain in good standing with all whom she connects?

She runs her TRULY Boutique matchmaking business like it was her baby, not a place to rake in cash!  Margot has everything in place to make her clientele a part of her family in her own heart, and her success in her business. Her education was a mixture of Art and Psych, Scholarship to Art Center School of Design then off to Northridge University where she completed her broad interests in studies of  the human mind and behavior, with an interest in Anthropology and received her BS Degree in the applied and academic field of Psychology.

Margot is a very nurturing and giving person with a taste and talent in the Culinary Arts, Organic gardening, Organic Gourmet cooking and wine collecting.  She is well traveled and connected with many elite organizations and profound friendships, she has garnered through her business and personal ties.

Couch w Aria-F copyIf you are a discerning, quality person, she is wishing you the foresight to work with her top-notch very private firm, that will remain this way for all the right reasons!

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